How to do SEO in Singapore: Tips and Insights

3 Nov


Singapore SEO Strategy ElementsSingapore is melting pot of different Asian cultures and so you need to have some specific knowledge of how to implement a best practice SEO and content marketing strategy.

So below are a few tips and suggestions you may want to think about when doing SEO in Singapore.

What Languages should you be targeting in your industry niche?

On the face of it English is the main language focus you’ll need to have but it may be worth checking search volumes in your industry niche to see if there are other opportunities to be had in terms of providing your website in other languages as Singapore has a number of languages that are spoken.

You only have to look at Singapore census data to see that there are a number of non-English languages spoken in the country. Therefore you should check to see if there is sufficient keyword search volume for related product and service keywords your website offers.

Singapore 2010 Census - Languages Spoken at Home


The example below for a finance related term shows that competition is lower for non-English terms and Mandarin still provides some notable search volume.

Google Multilingual Keyword Analysis

Mobile SEO should be a key focus

Data from gs.statcounter suggest that mobile usage is quite significant in terms of overall usage share so making sure you focus on the technical elements surrounding SEO is important such as:

  • Mobile page load speed
  • Mobile UX
  • Mobile technical site structure and setup (e.g. m. vs responsive)

SG Device Usage September 2015

It’s all about Google

Compared to other countries in Asia, Singapore is heavily focused on Google so you don’t need to worry about Bing and Yahoo really.

SG Search Engine Share September 2015

Looking at the languages spoken census versus the Google keyword tool data for credit cards suggest that whilst Mandarin has an ample share of Mandarin speakers English is perhaps used more when internet searching. This is perhaps why Google enjoys a large share. This is very different to countries such as Taiwan and China where Mandarin is the main language and Yahoo is a bigger player in Taiwan and Baidu has a significant share in mainland China.

Analyze the SERPs landscape

Singapore is one of the main Asian countries that is supported within the major players of online search analysis tools.

SEM rush provides data for the Singapore search landscape and you can learn a lot from using the competitors section within this software.

SEM Rush Organic Competitors Tab Singapore

SEM Rush Competitors Table

At the moment SEM Rush supports more Asian countries than most other search analysis software solutions however Searchmetrics does has supported Singapore for a year or so and now has also recently added Hong Kong as a country in terms of being able to do ad-hoc analysis on a domain by domain basis.

Identify any competitors using link spam

In any country it’s always worth setting some time aside to look at key competitor link profiles, and it never ceases to amaze me that there are domains getting away with penguin food like link profiles in numerous country SERPs.

The below example is one I found that will hopefully test how the next Penguin update (with new real-time whistles and bells on it) treats the likes of this anonymous link spam sandwich of a domain.

SG Competitor Spammy Link Profile

Write blog content that people search for is one of my favourite keyword tools when it comes to SEO and inbound content marketing strategy in Asia because it offers the ability to analyse keywords in key Asia search engine territories.

The added bonus for Singapore is that because it a highly English focused you get the additional Questions tab function (shown below), which is currently only available for English queries within the software. Questions Tab Search

Tip: So you can get some great insight into the type of questions being asked in the Singapore SERPs that allows you to create relevant inbound related blog content surrounding such relevant question search queries.

Buzzsumo also works best with English queries so using the country specific search function limiting your content analysis scope to Singapore returns some very useful insights to help you shape your content strategy.

Buzzsumo Singapore Location

Local Search Importance

If you want to get a good top-level insight into Asia check out the Google Consumer Barometer.

Tip: The insights provided for Singapore highlights there is a high percentage of consumers using search engines when looking for local searches so make sure Google MyBusiness Center is high up on your priority list in terms of optimisation tasks.

Google Consumer Barometer - Search Engines Importance of Local Search in Singapore


Knowledge Graph Optimisation via Google MyBusiness

I’ve recently realised that getting the right images in your Google MyBusiness Center allows you to manage logo branding in your Google Knowledge Graph listings much more predictably than if you rely on a Wikipedia listing.

Knowledge Graph optimization via Google MyBusiness Center

If you get the image configurations right in Google MyBusiness Center you’ve got far less chance of getting “Greggsed” by Google.

Optimize Google MyBusiness Center Photos

Make sure you optimise your images in both the Google MyBusiness Center identity photos and on your Google+ page business photos as well. If you set the right images in here you’ll realise that it’s possible to have your Knowledge graph listings practically on a string and change logos in and out of the KG listings in a matter of minutes. Well that’s was how quick it was for optimising it for anyway so I’d imagine it’ll be the same for everyone.

Optimize Google Plus Business Photos

Tip: Be sure to use .jpg files rather than .png files otherwise your logo will show up with a blue background on Google Mobile Search

So in summary that’s some key aspects of SEO strategy for Singapore.

Next part will either be Philippines or Malaysia with Taiwan to follow after those perhaps.

By the way, if you’re interested in working in Asia on SEO and Content Marketing let me know, as I’m looking for new people to join my team. Disciples of, and would be of particular interest because if you are following these guys (who in my opinion are among some of the best people in this area at the moment) and adopting their approaches, then I’d love to hear from you.

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