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I’ve been working in the SEO industry for going on 10 years now and had a very interesting 8 and half years or so with one of the main digital marketing agencies in the UK. In July 2015 I decided to change my outlook on the industry and see what it’s like doing SEO on the other side of the world. So now I’m based in Hong Kong with the privilege of working with a number of online financial aggregation services primarily in Asia and also other parts of the world.

When people Google “Lloyd Cooke” (in most countries) they are presented with either some car sales company or a Chief Exec of a Christian Church Charity.

Fortunately enough the Christian guy is from the same hometown as myself, so hopefully I’ll be able to pretend to be him online when needed, if I end up in any hot water 😀

In terms of SEO networking I don’t particularly do as much as I perhaps should do at the moment but hopefully those that know me can say that I make a difference to the companies I work with (largely for the better… I hope).

As for my main day to day role I have the joys of:

– Being at the mercy of Google (as much we try to avoid algorithm chasing)

– Getting the best out of a highly talented and driven SEO team

– Working with some great people who are passionate about all things marketing.

– Ensuring continuous incremental organic growth in a rapidly growing group of companies

As I mention in the blog strap-line, the reason I decided to create this blog was to provide SEO insights, share knowledge with the industry and also create a place to let off some SEO steam posting the odd “rant” about what I dislike about SEO and the industry.

The future plan is to do a little less ranting and concentrate on providing some insights on International SEO themes and highlighting key elements of SEO across Asia in particular and how these may contrast to more Western markets I’ve been used to in the past.


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